Saturday, January 24, 2009

C++: Cool Tool Automated Testing

The Cool Tool is an internally used test tool that concerns testing of host automation API's for Attachmate's flagship product. The UI presents a means to specify a sequence of API methods with their arguments and then execute them. It can record those steps, play them back later, and link them to the bug database -- which is how the API Technical Support team reported bugs. It also could translate the playback scripts to runnable C++ or Visual Basic source code.
An especially valuable feature was where it could convert a trace file generated by the application itself into a Cool Tool script that could be used as described above. That allowed us to translate customers' trace files to source code that could be replayed in Technical Support or Development so issues could be reproduced using the same steps the user ran.
Click the following link to see screen shots and runtime options in the user guide that was presented when the user selected the Cool Tool's help menu.
Click here to see the Cool Tool help file.

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