Monday, May 11, 2015

Empire Test Case Builder

When constructing a database that contains all mailing addresses in the world a lot of testing is required to ensure your work is correct -- in each country. The GCAT Test Case Builder searches converted data to generate examples of all permutations of practical address types that can be used in a query like our customers will submit.  The idea is, if all possible address formats are returned from the database, than its structure and design is correct.

This first two screen shots show the part of the application that submits the candidate addresses in database queries to see whether or not results are as desired. The first generates addresses from database data that is based on user-defined patterns:

    The second produces addresses that feature the full range of field values found in the database, and      provides control over whether or not the values are transliterated. a synonym of a found database        value, or just examples of all database string values for the selected field.

The second screen shot, below, shows a dialog from the tool that seeks the presence and number of every address component in the incoming data, as well as exceptions or variations to the basic form. It color codes the results in the dialog and then can generate a combinatoric set of all permutations of the colored elements that it will drive through the Builder shown above.

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